8th World Merino Congress from the 3rd to the 5th of May, 2010 at the Bergerie Nationale of RambouilletLa Bergerie Nationale de Rambouillet
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World Merinos Conference - may 2010

L'Est à laine Mérinos
(Merino sheep of eastern France)

The Est à laine Mérinos breed, in its present form, combines the most improved qualities of the hardy breeds and meat breeds: the resistance and adaptability of the first and the growth performances of the second.
The ewes, because of their excellent fertility, their aptitudes for off-season breeding, their milk value and their  maternal qualities ,are suitable for use in a wide variety of production systems, all the more so because they make remarkable use of rough forage; what is more ,their lambs, which are very resistant, have a high growth rate.
Thus the Est à laine Mérinos is a remarkable female breed; their products in industrial crosses with rams from meat breeds with good conformation and early sexual maturity are highly prized.

Selection and expansion
The Upra continues its selection which tends towards the production of females, but it does not neglect the rams. The UPRA is intensifying its efforts as regards the following: adaptability, wool qualities and rearing abilities (prolificacy, milk value, aptitude for off-season breeding).The breeding Centre, established  near Nancy, is contributing  to the further improvement of the qualities of the breed.

Est à laine Mérinos breeding stock have been exported to Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, different countries of Eastern Europe, and in North Africa.

Population in France :
Around 50,000 ewes, 4830 of them recorded

Maternal qualities (*):
Prolificacy: 1,60
Average Daily Gain 10-30 days of males born as twins: 255g/d.
Weight at 30 days of males born as twins: 12,12 kg

Meat qualities (*)
Weight of rams: 120 to 130 kg
Weight of ewes: 70 to 85 kg

(*) On farm Performances Recording, Livestock Institute, FUS, 2007

Average weight of fleece: ewe 4,5kg; rams 6,6kg.
Prime  merinos 100-105, with good length of locks (10cm).




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