8th World Merino Congress from the 3rd to the 5th of May, 2010 at the Bergerie Nationale of RambouilletLa Bergerie Nationale de Rambouillet
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World Merinos Conference - may 2010

The Merinos de Rambouillet
(The Mérinos de Rambouillet)

The Mérinos de Rambouillet is the ideal prototype of the wool sheep, the improver of coarse fleeces where the locks are too loose. It also breeds naturally off-season and transmits this feature in crossings. In addition, it is a reasonably hardy breed with a preference for dry climates and can adapt to all diets.

Selection and expansion
The first selection objectives are to maintain the wool qualities and avoid consanguinity. The Rambouillet flock is composed of 120 ewes and 20 rams. It represents a particularly important reservoir of genes for fineness of wool and ability to breed off –season .A great improver of French flocks a century ago, the Mérinos de Rambouillet has also made a considerable contribution to flocks in wool producing countries.

At the present time, the flock of the Bergerie Nationale is subject to a conservation programme with the setting up of a frozen embryo collection.

Population in France :
120 ewes, 96 of them recorded

Maternal qualities (*):
Prolificacy: 1,23
Average Daily Gain 10-30 days of males born as twins: 197g/d.
Weight at 30 days of males born as singles: 8,47kg

Meat qualities (*)
Weight of rams: 70 to 90 kg
Weight of ewes: 45 to 60 kg

(*) On farm Performances Recording, Livestock Institute, FUS, 2007

Very  tight fleece, covering the whole body, representing 8 to 10% of the adult weight. Locks are white, square, even, elastic and resistant.
Length: 60-70 mm.
Average fineness: 18 to 22 µ


Bergerie nationale. Parc du Château. CS 40609. F 78514  Rambouillet cedex.
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