Instructions to authors

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Conference Proceedings
Proceedings of the 8th World Merino Conference will be published in full on a CD-ROM to be distributed at registration to all delegates. The full proceedings will be also published as open access in this web site, having an ISBN-Number for proper citation. However, only papers actually presented at the Conference will be included in the proceedings.

Electronic submission and editorial process
Papers will only be electronically submitted and processed. After registration, enter the Paper Submission menu option for paper uploading. Please note that papers may NOT be submitted by e-mail. Paper must be written in English.
The online reception of papers will cease at 24:00 hours on January 1, 2010. Papers may be re-submitted at will up to, but not after, that date.

Guide for authors
Authors are kindly requested to follow these guidelines, and to refer to the sample paper and the sample summary for help. Papers not formatted according to these guidelines will not be accepted. You may wish to download the sample paper and sample summary and overwrite them.

1. Length of texts
The maximum length is 10 pages for invited papers and 5 pages for posters

2. Typesetting

3. Layout of text

4. Tables

5. Figures
Authors are encouraged to take full advantage of the colours widely available in the computer graphics package since the proceedings will be on CD-ROM.

6. Photographs
An electronic text may be enriched with one colour picture when deemed necessary (breed in conservation, colour phenotype).

7. References

Journal article or abstract:





Book chapter or conference proceedings:


Report at an event (conference, meeting, etc) not included in a book or proceedings: